Questions About Pay

If you have questions about your pay, please check your pay history in the Self Service Portal first.   A tutorial about using the Self Service Portal is available.  If your pay history is incorrect, please complete the ProComp online request form.  The information you provide will assist the ProComp team in their investigation.

Submit forms that need to go to payroll go to the following address:

Denver Public Schools - Payroll-License Renewal
780 Grant Street-3rd Floor (Payment Services)
Denver, CO 80204

Phone- 720-423-1399

Fax:  720-423-1519

Lawson Self Service Portal

To access Individual Salary and Personal Information On-Line, see the information below or view the quick reference guides for Lawson.

Check Employee Self Service Portal (formerly SEA) for Information about Your ProComp Pay History

Before emailing the ProComp team with a question, please check Employee Self Service Portal (formerly SEA) at  The site shows your current pay and withholding as well as information about your ProComp pay history back to the date you entered ProComp. This site is updated after payroll is processed each month. To access your ProComp pay history, follow these steps:

1. Type in your brower's address bar

2. Enter your user name and password like you sign in to get your e-mail.

3. Click on "Employee Self Service" on the left hand side of the web page.

4. Click on "Pay" link on the left hand side of the web page

5. Click on the "Performance Pay History" link.

Performance Pay History has two sections: Salary History and Non-Salary History.
Salary History is a list of all changes that occurred to your annual salary. Definitions of terms used include:
Effective Date is the date your salary changed. If the effective date is 9/1/XX but is not entered until 10/1/XX, you can expect to be paid retroactive pay for one month on your Oct payment.
Salary change is the amount your annual salary either increased or decreased by.
Salary Rate is your annual rate. Each month you receive 1/12th of this amount as your base pay.
Reason includes a brief description of the pay element involved in the salary increase. A more detailed description and breakdown of the increase is included below under Basis for Payment.

Non-Salary History shows earnings paid in addition to your annual compensation. Where:
Payment Date equals the date of the payment this bonus was paid to you
Pay Component is the type of bonus you received on your check.
Non-salary Building indicates the gross amount of bonus you received.

To print a hard copy of your information, click on Print Report.

To assure your information remains private, click on the Logout button on the top right hand corner of your screen after your session.

If you are unable to login to Employee Self Service Portal (formerly SEA) OR have forgotten your password, please contact the DoTS Hotline at 720-423-3888 or email the Hotline at