Advance Degrees

Graduate Degree/National Board Certificates

Eligible Educators: All teachers represented by DCTA

Decision Maker: DPS and DCTA

Year Implemented: 2006-2007


  • Develop educators' professional status and motivation to increase instructional expertise.
  • Encourage professional practices that contribute to student learning.
  • Encourage educators to develop content area knowledge appropriate to current or approved assignment.
  • Provide a path to increase career earnings through professional development.
  • Commit district structures and funding to the compensation of advanced credentials.


  • Knowledge and skills development helps teachers learn the instructional strategies and content knowledge that boost student learning.
  • Development of professional expertise and content knowledge are the major factors contributing to career salary increases.
  • Those closest to the teaching and learning process are the most effective change agents
  • Self-directed professional development, that is grounded in district and individual goals, maximizes meeting instructional and career needs.
  • Setting professional goals is essential to reaching them.


  • Teachers may complete and be compensated for more than one advanced degree, although no teacher will receive credit for more than one degree in a three year period.
  • Teachers will be compensated for the life of each license or certificate. If certificates or licenses are not renewed, teachers will lose their salary increase until they renew the license.
  • Theology and Juris Doctor degrees are not eligible.

District Capacity Necessary for Implementation

  • Establish DPS Professional Development Links (PDL) staffing and physical aspects.
  • For DPS Professional Development Links (PDL) Advisory Committee that sets standards for course descriptions and evaluation system.
  • Develop university partnerships to facilitate professional development opportunities that meet district needs.
  • Develop technology for monitoring progress in course attainment and credentials.