Advanced Degrees

The salary building incentive for an advanced degree is a percentage of the ProComp Index. Currently the salary building incentive is: (9%) x(Index) x (Full Time Equivalent).  The incentive is added to your annual salary.


  • An advanced degree (masters or doctorate) must be from an accredited college or university and in a subject area related to a position in the DCTA bargaining unit. Advance Administration degrees are acceptable including the Specialist in Education (Ed. S).
  • Theology degrees are not acceptable.
  • Military instructors are not eligible for this incentive.
  • Employees may be compensated for more than one advanced degree salary increase, although no employee will receive more than one ProComp Advanced Degree incentive in a three year period.  The employee is responsible for resubmitting paperwork to trigger the payment for second and subsequent degrees. Any new or additional degrees can be submitted 2 months prior to the three year anniversary of the time the last advanced degree was recognized. Two separate degrees from a dual degree program can get salary increases three years apart.
  • An advanced degree can only be applied once. If an advanced degree has been previously applied to salary building or to a lane change, it cannot be applied again.

How to Receive Payment

  • Employee must be actively enrolled in ProComp and must have a status of active with benefits (AB), Active Retiree Exempt (AH), Active with J1 Visa-no PERA (AV), active retired (AR), leave with pay (LP), leave summer pay/benefits (LR), or leave (LF) or Leave with full pay J1 Visa-No PERA (LV) at the time of initial payout in order to receive incentive payment.
  • To start the process, the employee submits the Advanced Degree Change Form to .  This form with transcripts can be submitted at any time.  (Not only on January 1 and June 1 dates as with teachers on the traditional salary schedule.)  Attach a  copy of an original transcript scanned both sides with date and degree conferred notation on the transcript.  We also accept eTranscripts-VeriSign.
  • Those who submit completed paperwork by the 10th of the month are paid on the end of the month paycheck.  Those submitting paperwork after the 10th of the month will see the increase on the following month's paycheck. The effective date of the increase in pay is the first of the month.
  • The amount of incentive pay is based on the employee's current FTE.