Payment Timeline Continued

January, 2011:

  • PDU bank payments
  • SGO Met 2 and delayed Met 1 payments

October 2010:

  • Top Performing and High Growth 2009-10

September 2010:

  • CPE payments:  Probationary, Non-Probationary & Innovation
  • SGOs: Only Met 1 results are paid in September. 
  • Exceeds Expectations

October, 2009:

  • Top Performing
  • High Growth
  • Paper checks for ELA-S Hard-to-Staff payments as well as some Hard-to-Staff and Hard-to-Serve payments.

September, 2009:


  • SGO where met/not met decisions were entered for both objectives by August 31
  • Banked PDU
  • CPE
  • Hard-to-Serve and Hard-to-Staff monthly payments. 
  • As always, Advanced Degrees and Licenses plus Tuition and Student Loan Reimbursement are paid on demand, when paperwork is complete

August, 2009:

There will be no new PDU payments during August.  We are updating the PDU calculations for the 15 years-of-service rule.  PDU payments will resume in September.

July 2009:

Payment for the first PDU completed in April - June of 2009 was made on the July paychecks.  We are only processing the first PDU completed for the 2008-09 school year.

The second and or third PDUs will not be processed until later this summer.

The second and third PDUs completed this year will be banked for payout in the appropriate contract year.

ProComp participants can only be paid for one completed PDU each contract year.

When the second /third PDU is processed, participants will get an email with a link to print the certificate of completion.  After the second PDU is process, the participants will also have access to print the certificate from the Transcript page of the online professional development registration system.

Participants do not need to turn in the certificate to anyone to initiate the ProComp incentive payment.  The payout is automated based on correct online registration and the final report of completion submitted by the PDU instructor.

If a certificate is needed to submit to CDE this summer of re-certification, we can create a copy.

March 2009:

PDU:  We will made payment for the ~300 PDUs completed in 2008-09 in March. All payments for fall 2008 PDUs will be paid retroactive. 

Note that if you've already been paid for a PDU in September for this contract year, you will not receive a second salary increase during the 2008-'09 contract year.

PDUs for '05-'06, '06-'07, and '07-'08 should have been submitted by now.  We have set a final cutoff of June 30, 2009 to submit paperwork for PDUs completed in the past.  Beginning in July of 2009, you will no longer be able to submit paperwork for PDUs completed during '05-'06, '06-'07, and '07-'08 contract years.  Payment for previously earned PDUs will be made after your situation is investigated and approved for payment.  Investigation is on a first in, first out basis.

Exceeds Expectations:  Payment to 21 teachers who platooned were made in the March payroll. 

February 2009:

Teachers Receive Incentives for Exceeding Expectations on the Spring 2008 CSAP

200 Teachers who taught math, reading or writing in grades 4 through 10 last year received a non-base building incentive for exceeding expectations for student growth on the CSAP test administered in Spring 2008. Teachers receive the incentive when at least half of the eligible students in their class attained the 55th percentile or higher for statewide student growth.

They received a non-base building incentive of $2,344.64 in a special payroll run on 2/27. The check will be mailed to their home address. The next Exceeds Expectation Incentives, based on spring 2009 results, will be paid in fall 2009.

We want to thank those teachers, along with the rest of the DPS faculty, for their hard work. As a result of their effort we have already made tremendous headway. Our students outgrew the state in reading, writing and math at every grade level but one. Our graduation rate is up and our enrollment is at its highest in 30 years. We are grateful for everything our faculty does to improve the achievement of the students we serve.

December 2008 Payroll included:

  • CPE "Shadow Payments"
  • Hard to Serve Retro Payments
  • High Growth - Place, Mitchell, Gilliam
  • Top Performing - CIS, Denver Online
  • Longevity payments
  • Hard to Staff math
  • ELA-S retro
  • Hard to Serve Place Middle School RiBs

November 2008 Payroll Included:

  • The Top Performing Schools
  • High Growth Schools