Trust Board

The Teacher Compensation Trust is responsible for receiving, managing and distributing funds raised by the ProComp mill levy. One of the most important functions of the trust is to ensure that ProComp is financially stable over time. The Trust also is responsible for monitoring how Denver Public Schools spends the monies derived from the Trust and ensuring that they are spent only for ProComp related expenses and spent in a manner consistent with the ProComp Agreement.

A full description of the responsibilities and requirements of the Trust can be found in the Teacher Compensation Trust Agreement [pdf] that was ratified by the Board of Education and the DCTA Executive Board.

The Trust has eight members, appointed according to the rules of the ProComp Agreement. Three Trustees are representatives of the District; three are representatives of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association; and two are representatives of the community. The community representatives are appointed by the agreement of the other six Trustees.

District Trustees*

  • Lisa Flores - Board of Education Treasurer
  • Mark Ferrandino - Chief Financial Officer
  • Erik Johnson - Executive Director, Finance

*Serve as long as they hold the designated positions within DPS


Denver Classroom Teachers Association Trustees*

  • Lawrence Garcia, East High School
  • Donald Gilmore
  • Cecilia Miller, Knapp Elementary

*Serve three-year terms

Community Trustees*

  • Tom Buescher
  • Scott Murphy

*Serve three-year terms

Key Functions of the Trust

  • Receive payments to the Trust
  • Make payments from the Trust for all approved uses of mill levy funds, including:
    • Teacher salaries and bonuses
    • Reasonable and necessary expenses of administering the Trust such as legal and other professional fees, Trustee expenses, the rental or leasing of equipment and supplied as needed by the Trust

Meetings of the Trust

The Trust Board meets at least four times per year and as needed to carry out the work of the Trust. All meeting dates, agendas and minutes will be posted on this web site.

Upcoming meetings (exact dates subject to change):

  • September 12th, 2018
  • November 7th, 2018
  • February 13th, 2019
  • April 24th, 2019

Reports of the Trust

The Trust Board prepares for the Transition Team an annual report on the financial performance of the Trust. 

The Trust Board commissions an annual external audit of the revenue and expenditures of Trust funds by the District on the ProComp System, which it provides to the District and DCTA.

Trust Agenda


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