Transition Team

The 12-member Transition Team oversees the phase-in of ProComp system. Team members are appointed by Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association.

The team implements and evaluates transition plans and advises the district, the association and the board of directors of the Teacher Compensation Trust.

Team members appointed by the district are: Michelle Berge, Legal; Chuck Carpenter, Finance; Ellen Rehmar, Human Resources; Dori Claunch, Instructional Superintendent; Bart Muller, Human Resources; and Sarah Marks, Human Resources.

The six teachers and SSPs appointed to the team by DCTA are: Mark Adjuni, Denver East High School; Mellissa Capozza, Brown Elementary; Donald Gilmore, Montbello High School; Henry Roman, DCTA President, Cal Hosman, Student Servicesm and Robert Gould, Special Education.

The Transition Team generally meets the third Wednesday of the month, but does not meet during the summer.


Meeting Minutes:

For the minutes of meetings from the 2009-'10 school year and earlier, see the Transition Team Archive page.


Meeting Agendas:

As of the March, 2010 meeting, the Transition Team will publish meeting minutes once approved.  Agendas for meetings are redundant once minutes are published, so agendas will not longer be published online.