Professional Review Panel

Professional Review Panel Members

The ProComp Transition Team has appointed five educators and five administrators to the Professional Review Panel.  The panel will follow procedures outlined on page 41 of the Professional Review Panel handbook.

Administrators appointed include:

Name Term Expires
Open 9/14
Sandra Just 9/14
Jamie Roybal 9/11
John Ludwig 9/11

DCTA members appointed to the panel are:

Name Term Expires
Don Gilmore 9/14
Lisa Gessini 9/14
Leslie Stahl (alternate) 9/11
Bobbi Walter 9/11
Marcia Cornejo 9/14
Leonard Fox (alternate) 9/14
Loretta Gonzales (alternate) 9/14

Instructions for ProComp Disputes

If you have a dispute with any salary/bonus aspect of the ProComp program and feel that you have been denied appropriate compensation, please complete the Hearing Request Form.  The Hearing Request Form must be submitted within 20 days of receipt of payroll or the pay decision. If you take your dispute to the Professional Review Panel, you must abide by the panel's decision and cannot file a grievance at a later date.

Complete the top half of the form, then email it (as an attachment) to Darrel Pate ( at DCTA or Pamela Benik ( in DPS Legal Office. Form may also be filled out and faxed to DCTA at 303-831-0591 and DPS 720-423-3892. The District will log requests. Two review panelists will be assigned to hear the dispute according to a predetermined schedule.  Hearings must take place within 25 days of the date you submitted your Hearing Request Form.

The hearing process will be completed within twenty-five work days.

The panelists will contact the employee and appropriate administrator involved with the decision to schedule a hearing date.

After the hearing the panelists will either accept or reject the request and issue a written decision.

Important Reminders

  • Decisions issued by the panel are final and binding on all parties.
  • In order to be timely, requests for hearing must be made within 20 days of the date the employee knew or should have known of the concern.
  • Disputes related to the performance evaluation process will not be heard or reviewed by this panel
  • Once an evaluation is complete, pay decisions related to that evaluation may be disputed.

Any questions may be directed to your HR Director or DCTA representative.