ProComp has been around since 2005-'06, but it's roots go back to 1994.  This page contains information about ProComp policy making groups and their work.

Non-DPS Policy Makers:

Non District visitors interested in ProComp policy can review the following resources:

District Policy Makers:  ProComp policy is managed by the following groups:

DCTA - Denver Classroom Teachers Association.

Transition Team - The Transition Team meets periodically to set policy and to clarify administrative rules for the implementation of ProComp.

Trust Board - The ProComp Trust Board members are responsible for receiving, managing and distributing funds raised by the ProComp mill levy.

Operations Team - The operations team administers the operational aspects of ProComp.

Professional Review Panel - This committee is responsible for reviewing disputes with any salary/bonus aspect of the ProComp program.

Contact Information:

ProComp Team:  Send an email to Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org

HR Connect:  Call extension 33900 or 720-423-3900.