Opt-In Salary Setting Meeting information

The last window, ProComp Window 7, will open on November 1, 2010. Teachers opting-in during this window will be in ProComp effective 9/1/11 (start of the '11-'12 contact year). 

Salary Setting meetings can be scheduled by emailing ProComp@dpsk12.org or by calling HR Conect. Meetings will be held at 900 Grant Street.  After attending a meeting, teachers have until 6/30/11 to opt-in.

To start the opt-in process, call the HR call center at extension 33900 or 720-423-3900. The call center will route your call to the ProComp team who will research your salary history to determine a starting point for ProComp.  After you review this information, an opt-in meeting will be scheduled.

The opt-in process is outlined here.

To find out more about ProComp, check the improved information on the website.  If your question is not answered, send an email to ProComp@dpsk12.org