PDU Forms & Information

This page contains forms and information you may need while participating in a ProComp PDU. WHAT IS A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT UNIT (PDU)? Definition of PDU. WHAT ARE THE 3 PDU COMPONENTS? Explanation of PDU components PDU Timeline . : Deadlines for the PDU process Form A : Form submitted to PDU coordinators, principal and IS for SCHOOLWIDE PDU approval Form B : Form used for a previously approved PDU that is continuing Form C :  Form used for LANE CHANGE or UCD CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT PERSONAL/SMALL GROUP PDU Proposal : Form turned in for PERSONAL or SMALL GROUP PDU approval 2015-16 Final PDU Work Sample ppt : Template for creating the final work sample for PDU credit 2015-16 ProComp Fact Sheet :  Easy to follow descriptions of ProComp elements. Tuition Reimbursement form : Used to apply for tuition reimbursement of up to $1,000 annually, $4,000 lifetime maximum. Student Loan Reimbursement form : used to apply for reimbursement of outstanding student loans. The limit is $1,000 per year, $4,000 lifetime. PDU Registration : Directions on how to register in Teacher Portal/PDU registration system for a PDU PDU pay/view transcripts : Follow these directions to vew PDU history and pay 2015 PDU Leaders' Resource Manual : A great resource for questions regarding the PDU process. PDU Leader Expectations : Requirements for leaders of Schoolwide PDUs. PDU Leader Mid-Year PDU Responsibilities:   Power Point provides PDU Leaders guidance through expectations from the PDU inception to mid-year. 2015-16 PDU Leader Rubric : Rubric defining stipend qualifications. PDU Credit Options : Information regarding Lane Changes and Continuing Education Credit (UCD) Final Group Protocol, Peer Eval Form & Final Work Sample Rubric : Protocol for final presentation/peer review group.   Rubric for final work samples. PDU SAMPLES : Examples of different types of PDU proposals New SLO-PDU Template (Form A) : This template was created for schoolwide and central departments. This PDU template can be modified to include differences of your on-site work. New Preapproved Hands-On RAFT Activity Kits for Common Core in the Classroom:   This PDU is designed to implement CO Common Core in your classroom by utilizing RAFT activity kits.  Kits provided by RAFT. New Preapproved CO Women's Exhibit PDU:   This PDU is a collaborative action research project between DPS (Library Services & Social Studies Departments) & CO Women's Hall of Fame/Denver Public Library. This PDU is interactive in nature and includes experiential learning activities which can be differentiated for DPS students. NEW PDU for GRADUATE CREDIT from Adams State:   This PDU will earn 3 graduate credits at Adams State Univ.  The Blended course format will provide adult learning a mixture of online & face to face. Content will focus on successfully collaborating PDU and SLOs. Contact Us If you have questions about ProComp elements or when incentives will be paid, please contact the ProComp team via the ProComp email box or the HR Call Center: Email: Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org Call: Extension 33900 or 720-423-3900 720-423-3900.