Hard-to-Staff Positions 2008-'09

Hard to staff positions eligible for the bonus are identified annually.  Incentives are paid to employee who are highly qualified for the position.  Please see the eligibility page for more information on qualifications.


The following assignments are considered hard to staff and are eligible for the bonus during ‘08-'09 providing the employee is highly qualified for the position:

  • Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist
  • Special Education Teachers and Center Assignments
  • School Nurses
  • Secondary* Math Teachers (Includes Alternative Schools)
  • School Psychologists
  • MAST Team-Bilingual Qualified
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Elementary ELA-S stipend or Hard to Staff bonus (TNLI schools)
    • ELA-S or ELA-S/E classroom teachers who pass the SLP or other District approved assessment or
    • Spanish Qualified ELA Resource Teacher.
  • Secondary ELA-S stipend or Hard to Staff bonus (TNLI schools)
    • ELA-S or ELA-S/E content teachers (math, science, social studies) who pass the SLP or other District approved assessment.
    • Middle and High School ELA-S Counselors.

* Secondary schools now include 6th, 7th and 8th grades at all K-8 Schools. Employees who cannot be attached to students through Infinite Campus or do not have an FTE Assignment to a hard-to-serve school or a Special Education Center Program will have their FTE allocation assigned by a manager. in lieu of logs, managers will determine the amount or % of time (% FTE) each employeed is assigned to serve students in Hard-to-Serve schools or special education program positions.

Please see the ELA website for ELA FAQs.

Hard-to-Staff positions are determined after analyzing data from several sources.

  • National data on the supply of teachers
  • CDE data on supply of teachers
  • DPS data on the ratio of NCLB qualified teachers to the total in each central area.
  • DPS data on the ratio of teachers with one year of experience to the total in that discipline
  • DPS data on student services positions still vacant on December 3 of each year.

Hard-to-staff designations are reviewed every year.