Eligibility & Payment

This page details eligibility criteria for the ProComp Incentives.  See the Incentive Payment Chart   for the list of incentives and the information below for eligibility information about specific incentives.

Most Recent Top Performing/High Growth Lists   

SSPs who need to log time to demonstrate time in schools should use the Logging Form .  See the Logging Procedures for more details.


Eligible Employees must be enrolled in ProComp to receive incentives.   They must also meet the eligibility criteria specified for each incentive.  The links below provide more information about Eligibility for ProComp incentive payments:

Discontinued Incentives:

How to Receive Payment

Denver Public Schools has a monthly payroll.  Payment information is due on the 10th of the month to make the internal payroll cycle.  Please see the links below for payment information about specific incentives.

Non-base building elements are paid to the exact amount in dollars and cents, while base building elements are rounded to nearest dollar.

Information about the timing of payments is online here .

Submit forms that need to go to payroll go to the following address:

Denver Public Schools - Payroll-License Renewal
780 Grant St.
Denver, CO 80204

For additional information about ProComp, please contact: