ProComp pay for Alternative Licensing Programs

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 Alternate Licensing Programs:


ProComp pay for the following alternative licensure programs is described below:

  • ALP:  The Alternative Licensing Program is the new name of the TiR (Teacher in Residence) Program.  The State of Colorado approved numerous agencies to offer alternative licensure programs. Denver Public Schools partners with Metropolitan State College for ALP/TiR. Other agencies which are approved by CDE include TILA, BOCES, Colorado Christian University.  A complete list is available on the CDE website.
  • DTF: Denver Teaching Fellows
  • DTR: Denver Teacher Residency
  • TFA: Teach for America
  • Note: The SEE (Special Education Eligibility) program is not considered an "alternative" licensure program for the purposes of alternative licensure ProComp issues.)

Salary Setting:
All candidates who are not fully licensed and are participating in an alternative licensure program as the teacher of record earn a salary.

Hard to Serve Incentive, All Programs:

The Hard to Serve bonus is paid for any of the following alternative license codes in Lawson (the HR system).  As a teacher you may not know which license you have or which code is used.  The informtion below is used by the ProComp team for pay processing.

  1. A7 - Authorization: Teacher in Residence
  2. A10 - Authorization: Temporary Teacher Eligibility (TTE)
  3. ATL - Alternate Teacher License (includes TFA, TILA and DTF/DTR)
  4. ATLW - Alternate Teacher License Waiver
    1. TFA
    2. DTF
    3. DTR
  5. ALT APPL: Alternate License Applied - CDE
    1. TFA
    2. DTF
    3. DTR
  6. TiR - The ALP program, formerly TiR/Teacher in Residence 
  7. TFA - Teach for America 
  8. ATLWD - Alterate Teacher License waiver, Denver
  9. A3TN - Emergency Authorization - Teacher
  10. A3SN - Emergency Authorization - SSPEMERG-APPL - Emergency Authorization Applied
  11. EMERG-APPL - Emergency Authorization Applied
  12. ALT APPL - Alternate License Applied - CDE
  13. TiR APPL - TiR Authorization Applied - CDE

Hard To Staff Incentive:

  • TILA:  CDE alternate authorization and correct endorsement.
  • TiR:  Paid with CDE alternate license and correct endorsement.  This is required for acceptance in program.
  • TFA:   Applied to TFA candidates who are paid with CDE alternate license and correct endorsement.  This is required for acceptance in program.
  • DTF/DTR:  Paid if candidate is in good standing in the program.

Note that Alternative program candicates with ALT APPL licenses are NOT paid Hard-to-Staff incentives.