Using ProComp

Whether you are a seasoned DPS teacher or have just joined the district, you'll find the tools and resources below helpful as you navigate the ProComp Compensation System and take advantage of the many ways you can enhance your pay and grow in your career with DPS. Simply click on the links to access these helpful tools:

Teacher Checklist - This list provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to help keep you on track with the ProComp submission process throughout the year.

ProComp Examples - Learn how to maximize your ProComp participationusing 2012-13 incentive amounts.

ProComp Worksheet - Use this helpful tool to estimate how you can take advantage of ProComp incentives to increase your pay.

FAQs - Got a question about ProComp? Refer to this helpful document that includes many frequently asked questions and their answers.

Tutorials & Videos - Access a collection of videos to walk you through essential information about ProComp.

Forms - We've gathered all the forms you need to participate in ProComp in one central location. Links to specific forms can also be found throughout the ProComp Handbook.

Glossary - A comprehensive guide of common words and phrases used throughout this site.