PDU Incentive Eligibility and Payment Eligibility

Fall PDU proposals (personal/small group and school-wide) must be turned into the PDU office by October 31st and completed by December 15th .

Spring/year long PDU proposals (personal/small group and school-wide) must be turned into the PDU office by February 15th and completed by May 15th .


Last day to register for a Fall PDU is October 31st .

Last day to register for a spring/yearlong PDU Feb. 15th .


Mark Arseneau and Karen Ruzycki are available to support groups with personal/small group or school-wide PDU proposals. 


1.  The teacher must register on the PDU Registration Site   for the PDU by the February deadline in order to be eligible for future payout.   The teacher must be actively enrolled in ProComp and be in active status at the time of registration to be eligible for future PDU payout.

2.  The final work sample power point must be completed within a specified timeframe (minimum 3 months).  This timeframe is determined at time of registration. All PDU work, regardless of timeframe, must be completed by June 10th each year.  Completed final work sample power points must be reviewed and approved. 

  • by the instructor (for pre-approved PDUs)
  • by a PDU Coordinator (for personal or small group PDUs).

How to Receive Payment 

General Rules:  Payment Eligibility  

Teachers must be in ProComp and on active or paid leave status (AB, AH, AV, AR, LP, LR, LF, or LV) at the time of payment. If a teacher is not in one of these statuses, payment will be delayed until the Teacher returns to one of these statuses. PDUs that are not paid during the contract year are "banked".  If a teacher does not complete a PDU in the required time period, the PDU will be considered "discontinued".  Discontinued PDUs are not eligible for payment.

PDU Bank:

  • Banked PDUs expire when a teacher permanently leaves the district (resignation, retirement or death), is non-renewed or is terminated for cause.  If a teacher is non-renewed, the bank is discarded 90 days after the contract year ends (November 30th of the following contract year).  For those terminated for cause or those who leave the district, banked PDUs will be discarded immediately.

14 Years of Service Rule.  This rule change was effective with the 2009-'10 school year.

  • For a ProComp teacher with 14 years of service or less, PDUs that are earned will be paid out as salary building in the current contract year, or will be banked as salary building for future years.  After 14 years of service for ProComp purposes, any previously banked PDUs will be paid out as a bonus payment.
  • For a ProComp teacher with more than 14 years of service, all PDUs that are earned will be paid out as a non base-building (bonus) payment.
  • Any DPS employee will receive 45 contact hours recognized by CDE for license renewals.
  • Traditional salaried teachers can apply to use PDU credits towards a lane change (10 PDUs = one lane change).  Traditional salaried teachers must submit a lane change application during the PDU timeframe only.

Payment Process

In order to be paid for completing a PDU:

  1. The teacher must register online at the PDU Registration site.
  2. The Teacher completes all requirements as agreed to in the PDU process/proposal.
  3. Completed PDU forms (proposals, final work samples, instructors' final report (grade book), request for credit, UCD registration forms and checks) are submitted electronically to the PDU Coordinators.
  4. ProComp PDU Team processes all PDUs.

Effective Date of Payment

Only one PDU can be paid out per year whether it is salary building or a bonus payment.  Payouts are based on the FTE at time of payout. 

Employees with no banked PDUs who submit completed documentation by the 1st of the month will receive payout in the next available payroll cycle. If all documentation is completed and finalized after the 10th of the month (the payroll deadline), payout will begin during the next cycle.  PDUs earned enter the teacher's PDU bank until the next payment date.

Banked PDUs are paid out in the order received. If a teacher is rehired or returns to a payable status (such as returns from Unpaid Leave status), and the employee has a banked PDU and has not been paid in the current year for a PDU, that PDU will be paid out during the first payment cycle after rehire or return to payable status. The first payment cycle is in the current month if return to a payable status is on the 10th of the month of earlier, and the following month if return to a payable status is after the 10th of the month. Banked PDUs are "discontinued" when a teacher retires and permanently leaves the bargaining unit.  

All non-salary building PDU payments (bonuses) are paid as lump sums.  Salary building PDUs are part of salary, so the incentive is paid monthly.