Hard-to-Staff for 2010-11


Position Determination:  The district shall designate the requirements for hard-to-staff assignments and communicate those requirements.

Some Hard-to-Staff assignments are determined by policy without regard to vacancies. These assignments will be specified and communicated annually.

Other designated assignments depend on vacancy rates. The categories of assignments will be designated and communicated annually.

2010-11 Eligibility:

The 2010-'11 list is the same as the 2009-'10 list. 

Requirements will be communicated when the job is announced. All teachers who fulfill the requirements, including active licensure and endorsements, shall receive the incentive. Teachers who do not fulfill the requirements, including active licensure and endorsements, shall not receive the incentive. Check your license status at the CDE Website. Teachers who fulfill requirements for Hard-to-Staff assignments, but are in assignments that do not specify that the requirements are necessary, shall not receive a Hard-to-Staff market incentive.

An employee can qualify for multiple assignments in any given month.

The position must fall into one of the following categories listed as Hard to Staff Assignments for 2010/11:

  • ELA-S Teachers
  • MAST & ChildFind Pre-school Teams-Bilingual Qualified
  • Child Find-Bilingual
  • Secondary Math Teachers (Includes Alternative Schools)*
  • Audiologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Special Education Center Program Assignments
  • Mild/Moderate Special Education Teachers
  • Itinerant HD
  • Itinerant VD
  • Itinerant Office of Special Ed

* Includes teachers in grades 6-8 at K-8 schools, as well as teachers in middle schools, high
schools and 6-12 schools.

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Payment Eligibility

  • Employee must be actively enrolled in ProComp and must have a status of active with benefits (AB), Active with J1 Visa-no PERA (AV), leave with pay (LP), leave summer pay/benefits (LR), or FMLA leave (LF) or Leave with full pay J1 Visa-No PERA (LV) at time of payout to be eligible for this incentive.
  • You must qualify on a monthly basis
  • Payments are made in month from September through May.
  • You must have served at least one day in a qualified status between May 1 and May 31 to be eligible for Hard to Staff incentive payment for May.
  • If you were paid in May, you will receive incentive pay for June, July and August if  you continue to be in AB, AV, LP, LF, LR or LV status and continue to hold a current CDE license with appropriate endorsements during the summer months. 
  • Delays in receiving designations that qualify employees for Hard to Staff incentives exist and make retroactive payments necessary.  Retroactive payments will be made at the first available payroll cycle. Retroactive payments will be made back to the time when a license or endorsement was current and an employee fulfilled all other eligibility criteria for a Hard to Staff incentive for any given month.  If an employee is highly qualified due to a new endorsement, the CDE 'Added Date" is the effective date of the endorsement.  The bonus payment is retroactive to the beginning of the month of the effective date.
  • Documentation submitted after the Payroll deadline in any given month will cause the payment to appear on the following month's pay check.
  • If the employee was RIB'd and still willing to serve in another Hard-to-Staff assignment, the employee is eligible to continue to receive the Hard-to-Staff incentive.

Payment Amount

  • Payout will equal your FTE multiplied by the percentage of time spent in a Hard to Staff position. An employee can exceed 1 FTE in payout.
  • If your FTE is greater than .50 FTE but less than 1.0 FTE, you will receive a prorated amount of the Hard to Staff incentive based on your FTE at the time of payout.
  • You are compensated for the percentage of time spent working a Hard to Staff position