Advanced Licenses and Certificates

 The salary building incentive for an advanced license or certificate is a percentage of the ProComp Index. Currently the salary building incentive is: (9%) x(Index) x (Full Time Equivalent).  The incentive is added to your annual salary.


Employee must be in an eligible bargaining unit assignment and hold a license or certificate from the list of positions/recognized advanced licenses/certificates. Click here for a list of Recognized Licenses and Certificates.  Teachers may earn multiple salary increases for separate National Board Certifications (NBPTS) that apply to their current assignment.  For other Advanced Licenses, employees can receive a salary increase for only one license/certificate in any one bargaining unit assignment, however, an employee who works two positions can receive more than one incentive for holding licenses/certificates in more than one discipline. For instance, an employee who is .5 FTE Social Worker and a .5 Nurse with both a DORA and a SNP will be paid two full incentives. License and certificate payment eligibility are based on Employee's current assignment.  A license or certificate can only be applied once to salary building. If an employee's advanced license or certificate is not on the list, DPS has a process to add it to the approved list. Once the license or certificate meets the six criteria outlined below, use the process to submit it for final review and approval by the committee.   The license or certificate must:  Exceed the entry level requirements called for by the district and the Colorado Deptartment of Education. Be renewable through a process that may require further demonstration of expertise. Enhance and be directly related to, aligned with, or supportive of the employee's current role, or temporary assignment covered by the DCTA Bargaining Unit. The license or certificate process must require: Documented or supervised practical experience or reflective practice verified by the licensing agency. Passing an examination that requires rigorous content knowledge. Demonstration of results by exceeding national benchmarks for performance set by the licensing agency.  Note that there is no incentive for teachers working to earn an endorsement onto their license.

How to Receive Payment

To receive payment, the employee must have an active Advanced License or Certificate. Teachers who do not renew their advanced license or certificate will lose their salary increase until such time as they renew their license. License renewals may be sent to .Employees must be actively enrolled in ProComp and must have a status of active with benefits (AB), Active with J1 Visa-no PERA (AV), active retired (AR), leave with pay (LP), leave summer pay (LR), or leave (LF) or Leave with full pay J1 Visa-No PERA (LV) at time of payout to be eligible for this incentive. To start the process, the employee submits an Advanced License Change Form and proof of license or certificate which also includes the expiration date.  If the Advanced License or Certificate expires, payout will be discontinued for any period of time the license/certificate is not effective. To reinstate payment for this incentive, resubmit proof of license renewal to .  The effective date of the increase in pay is the first of the month in which the completed paperwork was received. Employees are paid effective the first day of the month that completed paperwork was submitted.  Those who submit completed paperwork by the 10th of the month are paid on the end of the month paycheck.  Those submitting paperwork after the 10th of the month will see the increase on the next pay date with retro-active pay to the first day of the month in which complete paperwork was submitted. The amount of incentive pay is based on the employee's current FTE.