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ANNOUNCEMENT 11/20/14:  Read the full report from the Design Team for Compensation and Career Pathways. Details on how you can get involved to come.


ANNOUNCEMENT 9/26/14: DCTA and DPS have reached an agreement for how SLOs will be used to determine ProComp incentives in the ‘14-15 school year. Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) have replaced Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) beginning this school year.  Because this is the first year that DPS teachers are learning to use SLOs to monitor their students’ growth, both DCTA and DPS were committed to looking at engagement, rather than outcomes, to award ProComp incentives to teachers (and other licensed professionals who will now set SLOs). DCTA and DPS have agreed to a ’participation rubric’ which school leaders will use to  determine if a teacher’s engagement in the 2014-15 SLO process meets expectations for earning incentives formerly related to SGOs under the ProComp agreement. Closely tied to the new academic standards, SLOs are an improved process for DPS educators to set ambitious learning goals for students and to measure their progress toward mastery of the standards. Click here to view the SLO Participation Rubric.


ProComp History

In 2005, Denver voters approved funding for our performance-based teacher compensation system, and ever since, ProComp has been setting a new national standard for rewarding and recognizing teacher excellence. ProComp directly connects DPS’ mission, vision, values and priorities to your goals for your classroom, with goal achievement connected to pay. ProComp is a significant component of the district’s efforts to recruit and retain effective teachers, which also include Leading Effective Academic Practice (LEAP) and the Denver Teacher Residency Program, among others.

ProComp provides school-wide and individual teacher incentives in areas such as school performance and growth, student growth, earning advanced degrees and PDUs (Professional Development Units), tuition reimbursement and serving in High Needs schools. Several of these incentives are base-building in terms of salary and others are one-time incentives.

Refer to Your ProComp Handbook to find out all you need to know to get the most out of ProComp.  Or, perhaps you’re looking for a quick summary of our ProComp and the multitude of ways you can enhance your salary?  If so, refer to The ProComp Overview. 

For additional information about ProComp, please contact: procomp@dpsk12.org.

ProComp History